Top Reasons For Personal GroomingAppearances are no longer deceptive. Good grooming and a good turn-out is synonymous with allure, and self confidence. A fit body, polished manners and glowing skin are getting an impetus. Although each one of us wants to look good, we are bombarded with a plethora of information by the media on hair care, skin care, personal etiquette and styling. However some simple steps can do wonders for our body and our personality.

Beautiful Skin

A Good skin care routine prevents ageing and sun damage. Ascertain your skin type and buy skin care products from reputed companies only. Daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing keeps your skin looking fresh and supple. Apply sun block of SPF 30 liberally when going out. Make up should be elegant and classy.

Use a good quality concealer or a tinted moisturizer for concealing facial flaws like pigmentation and under eye circles.  A caky, overdone look is passé. Use a sun protecting lip colour and lip balm for luscious and well moisturized lips. Nourish your skin with home-made, fruity face packs. Drink lots of water, juices and fluids to flush out harmful toxins from your body.

Healthy Hair

Nothing looks as beautiful as a mane of shining, healthy hair. The road to nourishing your hair is a nice oil massage followed up by a shampoo on alternate days. These days hair spas have become the newest rage. They drastically reduce the incidence of damaged and brittle hair and are quite affordable as well.

Restrict the use of hair styling products, hair dyes and hair straightening treatments as it can lead to damaged, brittle hair. Tackle hair loss by eating a balanced diet rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. For both men and women, monthly salon visits are a must. A smart hair cut, manicure, pedicure and facials for women above 30 is recommended.

A pleasing Attire

Dressing to impress can be made easy with the latest fashion trends. Buy well fitting, good quality garments suited to your body type. For women, good lingerie is a must. Visible panty lines are one of the biggest fashion faux pas so make an effort to avoid this. Dress for the occasion.

Top Reasons For Personal Grooming

The wardrobe staples are a smart pair of denims and a little black dress. Body odour and bad breath are a huge turn off so maintain good oral and personal hygiene. Men can take their cues from well tailored trouser suits for formal wear and smart denims/slacks with t-shirts for a casual evening.

Shoes and accessories also accentuate one’s personality so do invest in a pair of smart shoes, a watch and good quality bags and jewellery for women. Women can invest in good heirloom jewellery or custom made jewellery pieces for that special evening out.

Good Etiquettes

Work towards developing good social skills. Take a class in soft skills, table manners and personality development. A winning smile can earn you several brownie points. Adopt a fitness regime.

This includes regular cardio like jogging, swimming and running combined with some strength training. Get organized and plan your schedule at your place of work. Adhering to the above tips can fetch you compliments and boost your standing in the employment arena  as well as social circles.

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