A part from bestowing womanhood, these dresses are examples of comfort and sober attires. Women wearing long dresses look fabulous and complete. There are different kinds of long dresses and designs in the fashion market to choose from.

Types of Beautiful Long Dress Wearing full length dress for a party, especially for a prom is an absolute fit. Wide ranges of styles, shades, colours and fabrics are found in these long dresses. ses for Prom


Go strapless in a prom and be a centre of attraction for all. Strapless long dresses look beautiful on women in a party. Girls look stunning as they walk or when they stand in a group talking with their fellows. Embroideries on the top as well as at the bottom bestow an extra charm and make the dress a shinning one.

strapless Long Dresses for Prom

One can add beads, crystals and colourful buttons around the waist to make it more elegant and attractive. A broad belt at the waist is very common with these dresses. Either a small flower or a large one can be attached with the dress to give it a formal look. Tight strapless dresses also look beautiful on women going for a prom night.


Long dresses in a mermaid shape are perfect for a prom. These dresses are though tight from the waist and legs, are open or fluffy at the bottom near the feet. Girls really look like mermaids and unique among the crowd. Mermaid dresses are always of full length and mostly preferred by women as party wears. The mermaid look is both fashionable and sober.

Mermaid Long Dresses for Prom

These dresses have varieties in the way these are designed. There are mermaid dresses that are strapless or having one shoulder. Another variety is in having strips around the necks on the top but keeping the back portion backless. There may be criss-cross strips at the back while a v-neck at the front or the mermaid dress may be zipped at the back. Every style or a bit of change makes the dress a unique one.

Ball Gown

The most common full length dress for party occasions is a ball gown. It is also worn by the brides during wedding functions. Ball gowns are fluffy below waist. Girls look beautiful on wearing this attire just like princesses. Beads and stones further add the charm and make it more glittering. Strapless styles are also available in ball gowns.

Ball Gown Long Dresses for Prom

Strapless heart shaped neckline is a marvellous type of ball gown dress to wear. Net arms and gloves with this attire would make the women a perfect symbol of beauty and a queen appearance. Wear heels with this dress and you are ready for a dazzling walk.

Open Back

Feel out of the world with the open back dresses that are more than just a centre of attraction. These backless dresses provide glamorous look to the women wearing it.

Open Back Long Dresses for Prom

Girls’ back looks awesome and sensational with a full length dress below waist. A number of celebrities are seen wearing these backless attires at the red carpet. A tattoo on the back is good to have that adds attractiveness to the backless gown.

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