This years’ spring trends hot off the runway range from ascetic whites to bright and luxe graphic prints reminiscent of the east. So, if the fashionista in you is always abreast of the latest trends and is sure to incorporate them in her wardrobe, follow these trends to be the poster girl for spring  fashion.

Spring Fashion Trends

Monochrome Dressing

Monochrome dressing refers to dressing in a single colour or pattern from head to toe. This is a very daring and eye-catching trend as the impact of the colour is felt in a big way. Designers like Gucci, showcased wonderful monochrome dressing in a cobalt blue ensemble, including shoes! Colors popular in this trend are jewel tones like emerald, amethyst and deep red. Bright colors like nectarine and lemon yellow have been employed by designers like Anupama Dayal to espouse this trend too.

Monochrome Dressing

How to Wear it:

If one colour from head to toe is too much for you, try wearing shade or tones of the colour, for example, a dark blue bottom with a lighter blue top.

The Absence of Colour-White Palette

In sharp contrast to the above trend, another trend for Spring , is the use of whites. Bleached linens, georgettes, chiffons and cottons are embellished with extensive laser cutwork, eyelets, embroidery, lace and insets to create looks that range from vintage chic to uber futuristic. Even the design house of Emilio Pucci known for its vibrant colour centric prints has shown all white eclectic ensembles. Particularly striking is their oversized collarless blouse, tucked into calf length culottes.

How to Wear it:

Pair a calf length with pant with a sheer white lace top and nude tube for a tone on tone effect.

Graphic Eastern Inspiration

Though fashion stalwarts have been known to often look to the east for inspiration, this time around the prints have been digitized and modernized in a way that is absolutely unique. Garment silhouettes were also east inspired with many a kimono popping up! Etro’s Geisha inspired Kimono top, complete with a black obi like belt was a ramp highlight. Prada’s grey slim fit dress with bright tangerine flowers also stole the show.

Graphic Eastern Inspiration

How to Wear It:

Origami inspired silhouettes with multiple folds and reinvented kimonos are the must have east inspired silhouettes for spring.


Frills evoke a mental picture of a sweet ladylike silhouette. But the frills showcased on the runways for spring  were anything but. Large frills in contrast colours like black and white ruled the ramp at Balenciaga.

How to Wear it:

The Christian Dior charcoal grey cocktail mini dress with an asymmetric waterfall frill is a good way to wear this trend.


Leather was seen at many designers’ shows, but in a different avatar. Gone were the tough leather jackets, boxy and biker babe worthy, or the tight rock-star pants. Instead they were replaced by soft slouchy leather with an ultra-feminine and luxurious feel. Leather tank tops, dresses and soft, pleated high waisted pants at Balmain made a glamorous statement. Jason Wu showed a sexy flared leather miniskirt with a delicate sheer lace border.

leather fashion jackets

How to Wear it:

As leather can be hard to carry off, wear it as a sleeveless slim fit top with a pair of classic pants for a chic and classy look.

Graphic Floral Prints

There were floral prints aplenty but none of them like ever seen before. Prints were digitized, altered and had unusual colours. Flowers in bright neon hues were paired with architectural details and geometric lines for a stylish take on the run of the mill florals usually seen. Mary Katranzou’s Islamic architecture inspired dress with a mosque on the skirt and a digitized flower on the chest is intriguing. Prabal Gurung’s combination of flowers and frills is easy to wear and spot on in the style stakes.

Engineered Stripes

Stripes are everywhere and of all shapes, sizes, colours and contours! Spring  welcomes horizontal, vertical and chevron stripes, in graphic contrasts. Balmain showcased stripes beautifully with high waisted striped pants paired with a polka dotted top in black and white with an eighties feel due to its large shoulder pads. Marc Jacobs had stripes following the silhouettes of the garments with graceful fluidity. Tommy Hilfiger had the most fun with stripes as they were made of polka dots!

Engineered Stripes

How to Wear it:

Stripes are easy to wear. If you are on the heavier side, avoid thick stripes as they can add bulk. Opt for finer stripes on floaty dresses to create maximum impact. To have more fun with stripes, try other colour combinations like fuchsia with white or navy with white stripes for a fresher look.

Beach Scenes

A clear indication that summer is soon to come is in evidence with the digitized beach prints. Proenza Shouler’s beach print dress with dispersing grommets is an eye catching example of this trend.

How to Wear it:

If this trend is too much for you, try representing the trend by way of colours, like Charlotte Rou’s beach inspired peplum dress. It has the shades of blue of a serene beach wave as well as nude shades which represent the sandy shore.

Bermuda Shorts

A last! A pair of shorts which are more forgiving than the miniscule shorts which were in fashion last year-the Bermuda shorts. Grazing the tops of the knees, Bermuda shorts are a more feminine and forgiving avatar of the shorts. This time around, they are slouchier and softer. They can be found in prints, solids and denim versions too.

bermuda shorts

How to Wear it:

To glam up your pair, wear them with a pair of high heels.

Bare Midriffs

Crop tops have made their way back from the eighties, in a similar boxy shape. However, they are sleeker and more lady like, with just the hint of a midriff showing unlike the navel baring tops of yore! Alexander Wang’s white halter dress looks like it has been cut apart and then sewn back together with a gap between the pieces, using a stitching technique called faggoting. This ethereal dress shows just the hint of a stomach! You can wear this trend without being too risqué.

How to Wear it:

Wear a knee length bandage dress with a slit at the midriff area. Warning to those with flabby abs- stay miles away from this trend!

This year’s Spring trends for are extremely wearable as well as being fashion forward. With a wide variety of colours, prints, textures, and silhouettes to choose from, everyone can find something to suit their fashion sensibility and body type.

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