Top Long Dresses for Prom

A part from bestowing womanhood, these dresses are examples of comfort and sober attires. Women wearing long dresses look fabulous and complete. There are different kinds of long dresses and…


Top Reasons Why Personal Grooming is Important

Top Reasons For Personal GroomingAppearances are no longer deceptive. Good grooming and a good turn-out is synonymous with allure, and self confidence. A fit body, polished manners and glowing skin…


Hottest Fashion Trends For Spring

This years’ spring trends hot off the runway range from ascetic whites to bright and luxe graphic prints reminiscent of the east. So, if the fashionista in you is always…


Stylish and Comfortable Outfits for Winter

As the dusky purple of winter clouds the sky and the warmth begins to leave the air, an instinctive feeling of dejection grips the trendy masses. They feel that one…

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Have you seen these stunning breakthroughs in 3D

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Famous people whose names you don’t know

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How to determine which dress is right looking for you

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New bargain beauty tips you won’t want to miss!

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Money Saving Travel Hacks

Another concept car that caught attention in Frankfurt was the Mercedes Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile. A one-off showcase of the brand’s aerodynamic prowess, it boasts a drag coefficient of just 0.19….

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Useful insights on #UX & content strategy working together from this presentation by fiorellarza to MelbourneGA.